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How can I have gum disease or cavities when my teeth feel fine?

Tooth and gum problems often start developing without any symptoms. This means you could have trouble brewing in your teeth or gums that you are completely unaware of. Gum disease, in particular, often starts without patients being aware that there is anything amiss.

A tooth is a tiny organ with its own nerve and blood supply inside the middle of the tooth. Tooth decay and gum disease can destroy most of the tooth before reaching the nerve. Once the tooth hurts, it is already too late. By this point, you may need a root canal or an extraction.

This is just one of the reasons it is so important that you come in to our office twice each year for regular examinations and routine cleanings. By coming in regularly, we can stay ahead of any dental issues that develop—and we can treat them while problems are still small. When it comes to dentistry, the smaller the problem, the less invasive and painful the treatment generally is. Treating problems early on is also good for your wallet since issues are usually much less expensive to address.

Dental emergencies also happen much less frequently to those who visit their dentist regularly!

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