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What Are My Options for Fixing a Broken or Damaged Tooth?

June 29, 2021
Posted By: Carrollwood Village Dental
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Sometimes life throws us a curveball, and we end up with a cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged tooth. Luckily, Dr. Richard Mancuso is an expert in repairing damaged teeth and helping patients reclaim their smiles. 

We Have Restorative Dental Options for Everyone

Carrollwood Village Dental offers several different types of restorative dental options, depending on your needs and preferences. Among our smile-saving treatments are:

  1. Tooth-colored fillings  If a small piece of your tooth’s enamel chips or breaks, your Tampa dentist may repair it with a tooth-colored filling. Unlike silver fillings, tooth-colored fillings match the shade of your natural tooth so that your smile looks seamless and beautiful. 
  2. Aesthetic dental bonding  If your front tooth has a break or crack and can be seen when you smile, Dr. Mancuso will likely use tooth bonding to repair the damage. Dr. Mancuso uses durable and resilient tooth-colored bonding made from composite resin. The resin is applied, shaped, and hardened to the tooth to recreate your natural smile. 
  3. Dental crowns  Dr. Mancuso can cover damaged, decayed, or brittle teeth with a strong and attractive dental crown. Dental crowns are tooth caps placed over the tooth above the gumline. The crown reinforces the strength of your natural tooth so your smile can remain as intact as possible. 
  4. Dental bridges  Dental bridges can replace consecutively missing teeth, and they can also help maintain bone health and prevent gum disease. With bridgework, your smile can once again be complete. 

If you have a broken, decayed, or damaged tooth, don’t panic. Dr. Mancuso can provide you with the treatment you need to repair your smile and preserve your oral health. In addition to daily flossing and brushing, Dr. Mancuso can give you detailed instructions for caring for your smile. 

Restore Your Smile in Tampa, FL 

Whether you suffer from tooth decay, your tooth is weak or brittle from a procedure like a root canal, or you have a broken tooth, Dr. Mancuso can help you. He and his friendly and gentle dental team are skilled and experienced in aesthetic restorations so that you can enjoy your smile again. 

Call us today or contact us online to schedule your consultation with Dr. Mancuso at our Tampa, FL dental office!

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