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Chips, Cracks, and Crowns: Repairing Damaged Teeth

August 18, 2021
Posted By: Carrollwood Village Dental
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Most dental care in Tampa, FL, is routine. Check-ups and cleanings are highly recommended as a part of your general oral care and hygiene. The reason is simple; maintenance is the best way to get out ahead of potential dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease. That’s the run-of-the-mill, day-to-day stuff. Then there’s the other side of dentistry; repairing broken and damaged teeth.

You Broke It; You Bought It

Tooth damage happens under many conditions. Sure, the first thing a lot of us imagine is something dramatic, active, and impactful. But you might be surprised to learn that most tooth damage occurs in a most mundane way by biting down on something you shouldn’t have. From time to time, we've all done it: chewing ice, crunching hard candy, or opening a bottle or pesky bag with your teeth. All unadvisable, and all things that will break or chip a tooth.

So, when it happens, what do you think is the best thing to do? You guessed it; talk to your Dr. Richard Mancuso. He has the answer to saving your tooth.

Crowns Repair Injured Teeth

Your best teeth are those that grew in when your baby teeth fell out. They are incredible miracles of nature, tough and tenacious. So, when you’ve done some damage to one, you’ll want to save it. That’s when you’ll truly appreciate your dentists when they offer to create a dental crown.

A crown is almost as amazing as your natural tooth; a made-to-order, porcelain cover that encases and protects your damaged tooth. It matches your old tooth in both shape and shade and is made to last for years. Dr. Mancuso will instruct you to care for your crown like your original teeth by brushing and flossing at home and continuing with routine dental visits. These regular check-ups are vital. In addition, the staff at Carrollwood Village Dental will perform cleanings and fillings in adjacent teeth to prevent the problems that may cause the need for additional crowns.

Schedule Your Consultation Sooner Than Later

If you have tooth damage, you might need a crown, and time is certainly not on your side. A broken or chipped tooth is open to decay, infection and, eventually, will be beyond saving. So please don’t wait until tomorrow, next week, or next month to contact us. Reach out today. We are here to help.

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