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Combat Cavities with Tooth-Colored Fillings

July 31, 2021
Posted By: Carrollwood Village Dental

It’s summer, and we may all be a little guilty of indulging in sweet treats and drinks (like ice cream and sno-cones!) that beat the Florida heat. Though enjoying these things in moderation is fine, we must stay on top of our oral health so our teeth and gums remain cavity-free.

Cavities may not seem too harmful to your smile, but they can cause several issues that can cost you a lot of time, energy, and money to repair. Cavities are 100 percent preventable, but when they do develop, Dr. Mancuso and our team at Carrollwood Village Dental are here to help you combat cavities with prevention, patient education, and restorative dentistry, including tooth-colored fillings. We believe natural tooth-colored fillings are one of the effective options modern dentistry has to offer, and they help countless patients combat cavities in Tampa, FL. 

What Are Cavities? 

Tooth decay (cavities) are holes that form in the teeth from a buildup of plaque and bacteria. As the holes grow, they can become more painful and break down the tooth’s structure. If not properly cared for, decay can even cause more serious health issues, such as gum disease and tooth loss. 

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Made from metal-free resin composite, tooth-colored fillings are attractive and blend seamlessly with your natural smile. These aesthetic, white fillings offer many benefits, such as:

#1 They are attractive.

Tooth-colored fillings do not contain any metal, and unlike silver amalgam fillings, they do not stain the gumline or disrupt your smile. 

#2 They preserve more of your natural tooth’s structure.

The tooth-colored resin bonds to the tooth, so we don’t have to remove as much of the natural tooth’s structure for the filling to fit. 

#3 They are long-lasting.

If properly cared for, your tooth-colored fillings can last for ten years or longer. To make sure your restored smile stays healthy and bright, we recommend that you: 

  • Brush twice daily with fluoride and floss at least once daily
  • Get dental exams and cleanings every six months
  • Avoid chewing on hard or chewy foods that can damage your fillings (ice, candy)
  • Maintain a healthy diet (sugar attracts cavities!)  

Schedule Your Dental Exam Today!

Though cavities are 100 percent preventable, they can sometimes still find a way to disrupt our smile. Our skilled and experienced dental team can provide swift treatment for decay so that your teeth remain strong, protected, and functional. It’s our ultimate goal to make sure your oral health is in excellent condition, and we also enjoy helping our patients discover their dream smiles. 

Contact us today to schedule your routine dental exam and cleaning or to learn more about tooth-colored fillings. 

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