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Why Regular Dental Cleanings Are Necessary

September 28, 2022
Posted By: Carrollwood Village Dental
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You brush twice a day with a timer and never miss a day of flossing, right? While that’s not true for most Americans, even if you are nominated for the Home Oral Health Award this year, chances are you could still benefit from your routine dental cleaning here with your dentist in Tampa, FL.

#1 Remove Plaque and Tartar 

Your skilled dental hygienist will expertly use their teeth cleaning instruments to gently and effectively remove plaque and tartar that collects on the teeth between visits. In addition, you can expect a professional polish that removes surface stains, leaving your teeth whiter and brighter.

Did you know that your final floss is your hygienist’s way of ensuring even the tartar between teeth is gone? It’s like having a completely fresh start every six months.

#2 Not Just Eye Teeth – Eyes on ALL Teeth

Your hygienist spends a substantial amount of time admiring your pearly whites at each dental visit. Often, your hygienist is the one to identify gum disease and other issues with your teeth or gums. Then, when your dentist gives your exam, you have two sets of eyes on every tooth, ensuring they are all in tip-top shape.

#3 A Lesson in Brushing and Flossing

Look, life is busy, and sometimes we get a bit rushed with our habits. When we miss an area while brushing or flossing, we tend to forget the same place each time, putting gums at risk for gum disease and subjecting teeth to potential cavities.

If we notice an area that needs extra attention, we will let you know!

#4 That (Ahhhh) Smooth, Fresh Feeling! There’s Nothing Like It

No one likes it when their teeth feel like they are wearing wool sweaters, and no matter how diligent you are, you cannot remove all tartar and plaque on your own. Your hygienist will give your enamel that smooth, shiny feel that makes your tongue take a trip around your mouth and say, “Ahhh.”

Is It Time for Your Next Dental Cleaning?

We await your call at Carrollwood Village Dental in Tampa, FL, contact us today!. We will never make you feel guilty for having some catching up to do. We will help you get back on track with your smile and help you keep your smile looking and feeling fresh all year round.

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