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Dental Veneers Put Your Best Tooth Forward

October 16, 2021
Posted By: Carrollwood Village Dental
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Most cosmetic procedures address one of the two major types of problems people have with their smiles. The first is tooth color, and the second is tooth shape and alignment. Treatments like professional teeth whitening address just your tooth’s shade of white. On the other hand, invisible braces fix crooked teeth but do nothing for tooth color.

Dental veneers are especially excellent because they can address both problems of shape and color. A tooth that is both dingy and chipped can be fixed with one restoration.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are custom-made thin ceramic shells that we adhere to your tooth. We design and create veneers that feel, look, and work just like natural enamel. We typically use veneers on the front-facing surfaces of teeth reason because they’re the most visible to the world.

The Porcelain Veneer Process

When you meet with the Carrollwood Village Dental team, we will discuss your options with their pros and cons. When we settle on a dental veneer, we begin by removing some tooth enamel on your chosen tooth so that the veneer will fit smoothly, making the restoration invisible.

Then, we will have your veneer custom-created of durable ceramic porcelain to your tooth's specifications. When ready, we adhere your veneer to your tooth and make any adjustments so that the final result is a new tooth surface with a restored bright white color and unblemished appearance.

Veneer Care at Home

If you maintain your veneers and treat them with care, they can last for years or longer. Here are some guidelines to maximize their lifespan:

  • Brush and floss twice daily. 
  • Keep regular dental visits every six months.
  • Don’t grind your teeth and if you do, wear a nightguard while you sleep. 
  • If you play sports, you should wear a mouthguard.
  • Avoid hard and sticky substances; don’t chew ice, minimize taffy or other sticky foods that could dislodge your veneers.

Another habit that is bad for dental veneers is using your teeth like pliers. When you grasp something with your teeth, the forces involved can crack your veneer without much effort. Buy a multi-tool instead and save yourself a lot of hassle.

Dental Veneers in Tampa, FL

Porcelain veneers enhance your tooth in two ways with one restoration. If you’re wondering how to make your teeth whiter and more shapely, our team is enthusiastic about discussing your treatment options. Give us a call to schedule a consultation and get on the road to a new smile.

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