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Will I need a deep cleaning?

If after a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and gums, Dr. Mancuso determines that you have gum disease, he may recommend a Periodontal Therapy. Many refer to this as a "deep cleaning". Gum disease, or Periodontitis, is a chronic disease that affects the gums and jaw bone. In the United States it affects over 50% of individuals over 30 years of age and over 80% of those over 70 years of age. The only signs and symptoms may be bad breath and bleeding from the gums when you brush and floss.

Dr. Mancuso offers non-surgical gum disease treatment that removes plaque, tartar and bacteria from the teeth and gums. This treatment is called Scaling and Root Planing or  “Periodontal Therapy”

For everyone else, a routine cleaning from our efficient, thorough hygienists is generally sufficient. The only real way to know for certain, however, is to come in to our office for a thorough examination and cleaning so we can assess the state of your gums.

Remember that the earlier gum disease is detected, the easier it is to treat.

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